Matisse, Henri

HENRI MATISSE Purple Robe and Anemones, 2004

Sku: YY2686
Artist: Henri Matisse
Title: Purple Robe and Anemones
Year: 2004
Signed: No
Medium: Offset Lithograph
Paper Size: 33 x 24 inches ( 83.82 x 60.96 cm )
Image Size: 27.25 x 23 inches ( 69.215 x 58.42 cm )
Edition Size: Unknown
Framed: No
Condition: A: Mint

Additional Details: "Purple Robe and Anemones" is a famous painting by the French artist Henri Matisse, created in 1937. It's part of Matisse's later period, characterized by vibrant colors, simplified forms, and a focus on decorative elements. In "Purple Robe and Anemones," Matisse presents a still life composition featuring a purple robe draped over a table, with a vase of colorful anemone flowers placed beside it. The bold colors and expressive brushwork create a sense of dynamism and energy within the painting.