Art in the Cities: Chicago


Once a month we pick one City to focus a collection of works inspired by, made by, loved by, or all of the above-d by the people living there. 


Chicago May 2022

in the collection....

Chicagoans Kerry James Marshall, Bruce Nauman, Robert Indiana, Walt Disney, Claes Oldenburg, and Nancy Spero

First edition Marc Chagall poster created for the unveiling of a large mosaic of Chagall at the Four Seasons commissioned by the city of Chicago in 1974

Art Institute of Chicago posters from Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns and a Chicago International Art Expo poster from Wayne Thiebaud

A Portrait of Obama by Chris Britz

& so much more


Top 5 Sellers

1.  Alex Katz Sarah-American Dance Festival, 2011

2. Sam Francis, Untitled SF-341, 2004

3. Tom Wesselmann, Galleria Plura, 1984

4. Roy Lichtenstein, Cow Going Abstract, 1985

5. Tom Otterness, New Sculptures, 1985


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