Longo, Robert

ROBERT LONGO Leo Castelli Gallery & Metro Pictures, 1983

Sku: YY2363
Artist: Robert Longo
Title: Leo Castelli Gallery & Metro Pictures
Year: 1983
Signed: No
Medium: Lithograph
Paper Size: 33.5 x 35.25 inches ( 85.09 x 89.535 cm )
Image Size: 33.5 x 35.25 inches ( 85.09 x 89.535 cm )
Edition Size: Unknown
Framed: No
Condition: A: Mint

Additional Details: The poster for Robert Longo's joint exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery and Metro Pictures in 1983 played a significant role in promoting and contextualizing Longo's work within the contemporary art scene of the time. This exhibition marked an important moment in Longo's career and showcased his innovative approach to drawing and visual storytelling. The poster served as a visual invitation and announcement for the exhibition, drawing audiences into Longo's world of striking imagery and thought-provoking narratives. It contributed to the overall experience of the exhibition and helped shape perceptions of Longo's artistic practice during that period.