Miro, Joan

Miro Engravings volume 3 (1973-1975), 1992

Sku: XX3168-R
Artist: Joan Miro
Title: Miro Engravings volume 3 (1973-1975)
Year: 1992
Signed: No
Medium: Book
Paper Size: 13 x 10.5 inches ( 33.02 x 26.67 cm )
Image Size: 13 x 10.5 inches ( 33.02 x 26.67 cm )
Edition Size: Unknown
Framed: No
Condition: A: Mint

Additional Details: This volume, "Miró Engraver Volume III: 1973-1975," authored by Jacques Dupin and published by Rizzoli in 1992, is an exceptional hardcover edition that delves into the engravings of Joan Miró during this period. The book features text in English and spans 240 pages, including 328 illustrations, with 220 in vibrant color. Notably, Joan Miró created two original woodcuts specifically for this book, one as the frontispiece and another on page 11. Additionally, the cover itself is an original lithograph, adding significant artistic value to this edition. The book provides an extensive visual and textual exploration of Miró's work, with over 170 photographs of the artist, his studios, collaborators, and private moments. Furthermore, it includes more than 360 color illustrations, both in and out of text, showcasing sculptures and objects that reflect Miró's innovative and diverse artistic practices. This volume is a must-have for collectors and admirers of Miró's work, offering a comprehensive insight into his engraving techniques and artistic evolution during the early 1970s. The inclusion of original woodcuts and a lithographic cover makes this book a unique and valuable addition to any art library.