Basquiat, Jean-Michel


Sku: LM412
Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Title: Icarus Esso
Year: 2002
Signed: No
Medium: Offset Lithograph
Paper Size: 23.5 x 27.5 inches ( 59.69 x 69.85 cm )
Image Size: 20.5 x 25.5 inches ( 52.07 x 64.77 cm )
Edition Size: unknown
Framed: No
Condition: A: Mint

Additional Details: "Icarus Esso" is an offset lithograph, part of an open edition by Jean-Michel Basquiat, created for a retrospective of his work at a museum in Italy in 2002. This artwork draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Icarus, known for flying too close to the sun with wings made of wax and feathers. Basquiat frequently used mythological references to delve into themes of aspiration, hubris, and the complexities of the human condition within his art. The inclusion of the Icarus motif in "Icarus Esso" likely reflects Basquiat's exploration of ambition, risk-taking, and the consequences of daring to reach great heights.