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Bundle- 2 Assorted Various Artists American Flag Posters

This is a bundled assortment of 2 Posters by Various Artists. The normal combined retail value for this bundle is $2675. Each piece is described as follows:
Jasper Johns - Three Flags - 2004 Offset Lithograph 25.75" x 37"
Unsigned Offset Lithograph
Paper Size: 25.75 x 37 inches (65.405 x 93.98cm )
Condition: A: Mint
Additional Details: Published for a major American Art retrospective in Milan, Italy from a collection from the Whitney Museum. The image of –Three Flags, 1958” was used for the design of this exhibition poster Approximately 1000 copies were printed. Unsigned and not numbered.

Robert Indiana - New Glory Banner I - 1997 Serigraph 22" x 17"
Unsigned Serigraph
Paper Size: 22 x 17 inches (55.88 x 43.18cm )
Condition: A: Mint
Additional Details: Limited Edition Serigraph published by Marco Fine Arts Contemporary Atelier and released as part of the large portfolio and book entitled "The American Dream".

A serigraph of the first in Indiana's series of American Flag re-inventions. Released in 1963 through Multiples, Inc. as a felt banner. The format, circle in the center of the piece, allows for the piece to be displayed in a vertical or horizontal alignment. This is the start of Indiana's long tradition of American Flag redesigns.

It is also a protest piece against the Vietnam War and America's foreign policy at the time. The star pattern is purposefully reminiscent of the Pentagon and features a 51st star to symbolize America's Imperialistic aspirations.