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Bundle- 2 Assorted Various Artists Original French Travel Lithographs

This is a bundled assortment of 2 Lithographs by Various Artists. The normal combined retail value for this bundle is $4400. Each piece is described as follows:
Raoul Dufy - Paddock-Deauville - 1960 Lithograph 24.5" x 39"
Unsigned Lithograph
Paper Size: 24.5 x 39 inches (62.23 x 99.06cm )
Condition: A-: Near Mint, very light signs of handling
Additional Details: First edition lithograph titled Paddock at Deauville by French Artist Raoul Dufy. In 1900, artist Raoul Dufy received a local grant enabling him to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Matisse's Luxe, Calme et Volupte, which Dufy saw at the Salon des Independants in 1905, was a revelation to the young artist and directed his interests toward Fauvism. It was only after the war that he found his own personal style, producing rapid but precise paintings to which clear colors are applied with a kind of casual freedom. His favorite subjects are regattas, casinos, palm trees, race courses and orchestras. The Ôgranddaddy of modern chic,' as he was called in Time during his visit to the United states in 1950-51, left one of the most joyful oeuvres of his era.
Henri Matisse - Nice, Travail et Joie - 1948 Lithograph 39.25" x 25.25"
Unsigned Lithograph
Paper Size: 39.25 x 25.25 inches (99.695 x 64.135cm )
Condition: A-: Near Mint, very light signs of handling
Additional Details: Lithograph in ten colors printed by Mourlot in 1948. The image was especially designed by Matisse to promote the city of Nice in the south of France. Published by the French Tourism Office and printed at Mourlot Imprimeur in Paris.