The Worlds Of Surrealists

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The Worlds Of Surrealists
DECEMBER 18, 2017 

One could argue that all art is an invented world, sprung from the mind of the creator whether observing or imagining, but the artworks expressed from the ones we call Surrealists are a special breed of creation— a cocktail of varying degrees of lucidity, working to describe some conceptual truism that lies between the artist’s outer experience and their inner landscape. Often full of profound depth and surprising humor simultaneously, the works from these artists, many of them some of modern art’s most famous names, hold their own across decades and resonate with us in an inexplicably satisfying way. Perhaps they refer to our own personal investigations through the meaning of life, pulling out the stops and opening up doors that we may not have the wherewithal to do ourselves.

Richard Hamilton - The Oculist Witness - Marcel Duchamp, 1968 Mixed Media

This infamous collectible poster is Richard Hamilton’s portrait of Marcel Duchamp, peering through a plate of his drawing The Oculist Witness, done from a photograph Hamilton made while Duchamp was signing glass for the printing multiple. It captures Duchamp’s searching expression, his brilliant unique perspective on the intrigue of the universe. It is printed with silver foil embossing, an effect serving to further highlight his shining concept.

Marcel Duchamp - Moderna Museet (Heart), 1966 Serigraph

In another highly collectible piece, this one of Duchamp’s own, Moderna Museet (Heart) is an original edition silkscreen poster from 1966 for a Dada exhibit held at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm Sweden. Despite the often nihilist tone that this art movement can hail from, for this piece Duchamp calls on a universally warm symbol to carry the torch.

Philipe Halsman  - Dali's Moustache,  2005 Poster
Philippe Halsman was a renowned photographer friend and collaborator of Salvador Dalí, the man behind the camera in a well known photo picturing a jumping Dalí with three cats and a bucketful of water flying across the room mid-air. In this poster Dalí's Moustache, we get an electrifying combination of a surrealist mentality, an other-worldly and distinctive model, and a clever reinvention of portrait photography— a veritable slice of poetry.
Arthur Dove - Ferry Boat Wreck, 1970 Poster
In Ferry Boat Wreck by early American abstract pioneer Arthur Dove, we see the meanderings through a non-representational reaction to what is presumably a real event. It seems more reflective of the emotional experience of such a subject than its physical structure, shedding light onto the many facets of the psyche that are to be explored, and that Dove appears to do with little trouble.
Rene Magritte - L'Invention Collective , Figurine
And for a wry adaptation of Magritte’s brainchild, L'Invention Collective is a plucky hand-painted figurine that simply cannot be refused. Nothing short of enlightening, this perfect visual assembly fosters that necessary outlook on life great for combating fatigue or despondency.

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