Spotlighting Calder
Jan 16, 2021
Calder is an artist whose work most people can recognize, the prolific American sculptor who created one of the most iconic and unique visual styles in modern art — practically inventing an entire genre, kinetic sculpture, that is still spearheaded by his visionary work even ...
The Situationalist Times: International Parisian Edition 1967
Jan 06, 2021
A publication of 33 first edition lithographs in four colors, all completed for the final (6th) edition of The Situationalist Times: International Parisian Edition, produced in the spring and autumn of 1967.
Spotlighting Saul Steinberg
Dec 18, 2020
Saul Steinberg is an artist who stands out monumentally beyond others, his unendingly unique style and vision setting him apart and occupying a space in the world of art that defies description. Probably most infamous for his prolific work as a trailblazing cartoonist for The New Yorker...