Oversized Prints And Posters

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Oversized Prints And Posters
JUNE 29, 2017 

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In the fast, hot and cheap climate that digital life infuses into rampant print-on-demand reproductions, the clear advantage of high-quality printing is perhaps most apparent when working at a large scale. Offset lithograph and silkscreen are the two main pillars of large format printing, and are unparalleled in their ability to maintain quality. Even if you are not looking at these images up close, their presence has a strong, unwavering integrity to the artist’s hand and intention, something that is unquestionably demolished with inferior printing. If you want your space to command poise, sophistication and respect, an oversized piece with a time-honored printing method has the power to do so.

robert rauschenberg ace november gallery venice usa big large poster
It seems the best way to absorb a Rauschenberg is by experiencing it large scale, and his Ace Gallery, Venice, California poster from his 1977 gallery show is just that. This is the poster deemed worthy of the walls of Frasier’s apartment, from the popular TV show, and is a first edition lithograph, effortlessly emanating the confident joy for which Rauschenberg is known.
andy warhol silk screen print northwest coast mask
And since we’ve all seen Andy Warhol’s images so abundantly and in so many different contexts, it is worth recognizing how remarkable his prints are when experienced in person. Northwest Coast Mask is a striking original silkscreen, signed and numbered in pencil by Warhol. The thick paper, the beautiful colors and tones, the smooth surface and the presence of the artist are quite incomparable. The piece exudes a somber and deliberate feeling, much more meditative and darkly magical than expected.
" If you want your space to command poise, sophistication and respect, an oversized piece with a time-honored printing method has the power to do so."
sam francis large big poster
When looking at a Sam Francis piece such as Untitled SF-341, it’s easy to understand the power of color— and his are translated impeccably. This is a reproduction of a lithograph, and the rich colors, extending height and fine attention to detail give it enrapturing authority. It could easily grace tall walls and bring the eye upwards into high ceilings, functioning as a lightweight anchor to define an expansive space.
roy lichtenstein mural with blue brushstroke poster silkscreen serigraph big large
And again, the recognizable forms of Roy Lichtenstein’s style are truly better appreciated at large scale. Although well-known for his comic-book immediacy, Mural with Blue Brushstroke becomes nuanced and flavorful, and your eye meanders through the space, enjoying details and small moments one at a time. This is a silkscreen reproduction of a photo of one of his murals, and it feels grand enough to be a mural itself.
ps gordon satsuma vases
One of the reasons why simplifying and stylizing forms can be so compelling is because it draws attention to aspects like 2D composition design and the beauty of the medium. In P.S. Gordon’s Satsuma Vases, we see flattened depictions of complex subject matter, but the end result is nonetheless ecstatic. This is due to the fact that it is printed at a size large enough to settle into, and its silkscreen inks are tactile and seductive in their own right. These are qualities that simply don’t stand up under digital printing.
henry pearson lincoln center big large new york film festival poster
New York’s Lincoln Center has produced countless posters advertising over 50 years of performances, all of which were limited releases. As they recently decided to cease this large-format print campaign, ArtWise now holds the last stock for these wonderful, varied pieces, showing work from many different artists, styles, events and performing arts happenings. They represent a valuable piece of some of the world’s most top-notch cultural expressions as seen through the lens of one of our highest caliber performance venues. This one by Henry Pearson for the 6th New York Film Festival is dynamic and personable, with fresh light-colored typography overlaying energetic lines that make it feel like the artist is drawing them right in front of you.
christo central park the gates poster print large big
And as Christo’s sculptural installations are quite large scale, their often breathtaking and contemplative nature comes across beautifully in a large print such as The Gates XXVII, a superb lithograph of an architectural rendering whose black pencil lines are cool and sharp, punctuated by that unmistakable orange.
jeff koon red balloon dog puppy poster print large
Lastly, even though you may have seen the image of Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog (Red) before, you cannot compete with the ultra-clean printing afforded by offset lithography. The focus is crisp, the color is dizzyingly deep and where the shiny balloon form has its bright highlights, the print somehow produces a sharp sparkle— it’s an appropriate measure of cheek and an impressive illusion, almost like you’re looking at the real thing.
Oversized Prints & Posters
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