Designer Series – Art For The Architectural Eye

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Designer Series – Art For The Architectural Eye
NOVEMBER 14, 2019

In our Holiday Lead-Up we are revisiting some of the interior designer topics to cast an eye towards preparing homes for the flood of activity that this festive time of year inevitably brings.

When it comes to outfitting a space with art, whether working in a small entryway with an abundance of foot-traffic or perhaps an expansive minimalist open style loft, it is worth capitalizing on the major architectural elements that are already present— as they constitute the foundation of the character. Finding a way to compliment the architecture, and in particular the geometric forms, lines and shapes that exist, can work wonders to ground and mitigate the overall personality, while allowing the more decorative and changeable elements to flow through comfortably at their own leisure and pacing. Furthermore, architecturally conscious art can highlight some of the best features of the space, amplifying its inherent grandeur.

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy – Konstruktion Z I

1989 Offset Lithograph

Richard Artschwager – At Castelli's

Offset Lithograph

Minimalist geometry is an excellent choice when working with either large sweeping spaces or cozy, tightly designed nooks, and just about anything in between. Works like Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s Konstruktion Z I and Richard Artschwager’s At Castelli's are easy to imagine in any context.

Paul Klee – Garden View

1995 Offset Lithograph

Jean Dubuffet – Theatre De Memoire

1977 Stone Lithograph

If the architecture has many different and unique features or details then choosing works like Paul Klee’s Garden View or Jean Dubuffet’s Theatre De Memoire can harmonize with and support these points of interest.

Roy Lichtenstein – Study For Preparedness, 1989 Silkscreen

If the space has notable angles and an off-square dynamism, enhance the drama while maintaining the structure with a work like Study For Preparedness by Roy Lichtenstein, a 1989 silkscreen, or others from Calder, Cassandre and Kandinsky that utilize angles with true finesse.

Alexander Calder – La Grenouille et la Scie, 1971 Stone Lithograph

A.M. Cassandre – L'Oiseau Bleu

1989 Stone Lithograph

Wassily Kandinsky – Bright Oval

1990 Offset Lithograph

"Finding a way to compliment the architecture, and in particular the geometric forms, lines and shapes that exist, can work wonders..."
Louise Nevelson – At Pace Columbus (Gold), 1977 Foil Print

And an ever-inspiring combination is to mix together organic forms with stark lines and shapes — and if there is an abundance of plants in the home offsetting a strong build, then these art works will surely fit right in. Louise Nevelson’s 1977 At Pace Columbus (Gold) is a standout design on an eye-catching gold foil background.

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