Best Of 2017

Nov 29, 2020Artwise Posters
Best Of 2017
DECEMBER 27, 2017 

We had an exciting inaugural year for our Editorials, meandering through a variety of topics from artistic mediums, themes like colors or formats, historical features, decor suggestions and artist spotlights in an attempt to touch on the neverending intrigue to be found in the world of artmaking. It seems the more you look, the more there is to learn about who these oftentimes monumentally famous artists are and what kinds of things motivate them, and in turn how that relates to us all in our everyday lives— calling attention to universal themes that are investigated to inspire, enlighten, share and ultimately infuse our lives with pleasure, emotion and connection. Here are some of the highlights...

Oversized Prints and Posters:

Offset lithograph and silkscreen are the two main pillars of large format printing, and are unparalleled in their ability to maintain quality. Even if you are not looking at these images up close, their presence has a strong, unwavering integrity to the artist’s hand and intention...”


Summer Style:

Eric Fischl - Beach Scene with Poodle,  Etching SIGNED

“With busy lives and fast-paced environments, we all need ways to bring a relaxed vibe back into our world as much as possible. Although going to the beach every day is perhaps not a possibility, having images around you of that summertime mood is a pleasure unto itself...”


History Distilled in Exhibition Posters:

Fine art prints and vintage posters have a unique allure to them, being a highly accessible way to touch the reproduction work of a favorite artist and also an investment in a real piece of art— many of these prints are limited edition, rare, collectible or hard to find, and often bear the unspoken story of the time in which they were printed. This theme was presented in our History Distilled in Exhibition Posters I and II article set, and is one that we’ll continue to visit in future writings, as it truly highlights the real value of these works which we love to call analog printing.


Timeless Black & White

36-Year Run of Derrière le Miroir

The Value of Limited Edition

The Silkscreen Medium

The Artist’s Self Portrait


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