Artistic Lifestyle In Back To School Season

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Artistic Lifestyle In Back To School Season
AUGUST 2, 2019 

Having an artistic sensibility in life can contribute a significant feel-good factor, infusing all of the daily activities with more joy, pleasure and inspiration and ultimately cascading alongside an increased atmosphere of happiness. In back to school season there are lots of changes taking place as students return to that enigmatic pursuit of long term goals and dreams, and parents readjust their living spaces and work schedules to the new flow. Whether a parent with a newfound free space needing a fresh tone in line with recent born intentions, or a young adult moving to a school lifestyle with a modified abode, maintaining a touchstone with personal style and values by way of the art that decorates your walls allows for an underestimated measure of enjoyment and support. If you feel at home, especially in a place that has just undergone a drastic recent change, then you will be at home.

B. Minne – Monaco Grand Prix 1952, stone lithograph 1985
B. Minne – Monaco Grand Prix 1950, stone lithograph 1995

The Monaco Grand Prix posters are always crackling favorites, with a mood of drama, glamour and exoticism— right in step with a ‘world is your oyster’ kind of attitude. B. Minne’s designs combine dynamic compositions with glimmering detail for a swank appeal. These two are stone lithograph reproductions of the originals, making a high quality fine art reprint of a vintage classic a very accessible catch.

Unknown Artist – France, offset lithograph 1972
Dumont – Skiff Acajou 1923, stone lithograph

Classical art and medium combine with a modern sensibility when putting a historic France travel poster with museum art in a contemporary interior. This piece from 1972 sets the two worlds together effortlessly. And the same could be said for Skiff Acajou 1923 by Dumont, cashing in on nostalgic relevance.

Benton Spruance – The Bachelor, stone lithograph 1968

Benton Spruance’s 1968 stone lithograph series ‘Moby Dick Passion of Ahab’ is rich with literary eloquence, this work The Bachelor calling the spirits of the sea. And Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has a way of spirit-calling no matter what the subject, as is evident in works like Michael or Jane Avril, both 1966 Mourlot stone lithograph prints. The bicycle scene is of the old Buffalo cycle track, which was then at Neuilly just west of Paris. The figure on the right holding the stopwatch is sporting correspondent Frantz Reichel, and on the left is Michael's manager and coach, Choppy Warburton. The cyclist on the track is Jimmy Michael, the famous young English champion, with his celebrated toothpick in his mouth.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Michael, Mourlot stone lithograph 1966
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Jane Avril, Mourlot stone lithograph 1966

Pierre Fix-Masseau offers that brilliant Art Deco era enlightenment that proves itself resonant time and again, as in works like Golden Arrow or Bugatti, both 1989 stone lithographs. And for more of that updated yet retro aesthetic that springs simply from good taste and clever design, Franco Costa helps to Keep Our Air Clean with an original signed silkscreen from the 1987 America’s Cup, and Andy Warhol keeps us rocking with his infamous design for the album cover for The Velvet Underground & Nico.

Pierre Fix-Masseau – Golden Arrow and Bugatti, stone lithographs 1989
Franco Costa – Keep Our Air Clean, SIGNED silkscreen 1987
Andy Warhol – The Velvet Underground & Nico, offset lithograph
"... an artistic sensibility in life can contribute a significant feel-good factor, infusing all of the daily activities with more joy, pleasure and inspiration..."
Salvador Dali – Auvergne and Normandie, offset lithographs 1970
Jean-Michel Folon – Galerie Du Cacharel, stone lithograph 1972
Jean-Michel Folon – Pasquale Iannetti Art Gallery, offset lithograph 1983

For the best of the Surrealist genius we can turn to the likes of Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Folon and Rene Magritte— tapping unknown levels of ingenuity and creative power that lie potently in wait deep within our own veinsAuvergne and Normandie are captivating original 1970 posters, rare finds printed for the French railway from a series by everybody’s favorite charmer, Monsieur Dali. There’s something for everybody with the enchanting imagination and flair of Folon, as in works like Galerie Du CacharelPasquale Iannetti Art GalleryArrows or an inimitable Untitled work— all prints from the 1970s and 80s. And Magritte’s Le Chateau des Pyrenees or La Grande Famille stir a sense of wonder and possibility, being simultaneously inventive and full of a singing finesse.

Jean-Michel Folon – Arrows and Untitled, offset lithographs 1970
Rene Magritte – Le Chateau des Pyrenees, framed offset lithograph 2014
Rene Magritte – La Grande Famille, offset lithograph 1996

And for wit mixed with raw energy, Robert Rauschenberg seems to be eminent, with works like 1970 Centennial Certificate or self-titled 1968 gallery exhibit poster Rauschenberg carving out new pathways in the world at large and refreshing our ideas about what is within reach, all while maintaining that indelible sense of cool for which he is so enduring. And if that alone is not inspiring enough, a back to school mentality will echo with meaningful sincerity and fire with a closer look at the words Rauschenberg pens in the center of Centennial Certificate: ‘Treasury of the conscience of man, masterworks collected, protected and celebrated commonly. Timeless in concept the museum amasses to concertise a moment of pride serving to defend the dreams and ideals apolitically of mankind aware and responsive to the changes needs and complexities of current life while keeping history and love alive. R.R.’

Robert Rauschenberg – Centennial Certificate, offset lithograph 1970
Robert Rauschenberg – Rauschenberg, offset lithograph 1968

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