Architecture As Art

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Architecture As Art
OCTOBER 25, 2017 

Across media of all shapes and materials, artists throughout history have found any way possible for their creative inventions to spring to life, whether it be with paint, clay, metal, color, light, wire, ink or beyond— the medium defines not the artwork, rather the artist gives definition to the medium. And across different media, you might say that the lines can get blurred, the boundaries becoming difficult to define. Architecture is all about defined boundaries, being the assembly of concrete materials, so to speak, however the creation of and the appreciation thereafter of an architectural work of art bleeds across many reasons to love the genre, giving rise to a breath of life in all the associated experiences.

Looking at photographs of beautiful bridges, designs for beautiful buildings, conceptual renderings, after-work illustrations, new derivative images containing architectural elements— it is hard to escape the infusion of all there is to love about architecture, inherent from the beginning of the creative process, and literally set in stone.

Mies van Der Rohe-Berlin, 1921-Hochhaus am Banhoff


Javacheff Christo-Le Pont Neuf Wrapped I

1995 Poster

The love of geometry and the shape of a confident, almost disruptive object of beauty carved into a landscape, practically a revolution in and of itself— evident in Berlin, 1921-Hochhaus am Banhoff by Mies van Der Rohe and well-known Le Pont Neuf Wrapped I by Christo.

Il Palazzo Pubblico, Siena


Bernhard and Hilla Becher-Water Towers

1999 Poster

Collected facades of various walls of a favorite structure, rendered in perfect straight lines and clean descriptive finish as seen in Il Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, or, for the pure joy, Water Towers by Bernhard and Hilla Becher, assembled from exquisitely exposed black and white photographs that highlight the gorgeous details.

Leo Matiz-Abstracto

2014 Poster

Gunther Forg-Untitled


New striking images compelling in their own right, made from architectural views, have a tactile appeal, drawing on more emotional experiences from your subconscious— Abstracto by Leo Matiz and Gunther Forg’s Untitled seem to reflect the human psyche hidden in the geometry.

Le Corbusier-Villa Savoye, Four Elevations


Libero Patrignani-Venezia- San Marco

1993 Poster

Le Corbusier’s Villa SavoyeFour Elevations and Libero Patrignani’s Venezia - San Marco have a feeling of retro or vintage in a way, their focus and execution bringing to mind nostalgia and the subsequent iterations of pleasure derived therefrom.

Richard Serra-Slice: Plans for Future Leo Castelli

1981 Poster

Leonardo Da Vinci-Details Grecs, Bases et Chapiteaux


No love of architecture is complete without indulging in the blueprints— whether for the simplicity of purpose, the accessibility to the creator’s mind, or simply the allure of the designs themselves is hard to say. Richard Serra’s Slice: Plans for Future Leo Castelli and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Details Grecs, Bases et Chapiteaux are satisfying for mysterious reasons.

Andreas Feininger- Empire State, New York
 2008 Poster

And it is difficult to get away from a luminous atmospheric black and white photograph of a worldwide icon that conjures feelings of grandeur, romance and inspiration— Andreas Feininger’s Empire State, New York reminds even casual observers of the beauty instilled within great architecture, a classic and a standout monument that has effortlessly outlasted its era.

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