Ambiance In A Child's Room

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Ambiance In A Child's Room
June 1, 2017 

When decorating a child’s bedroom, having the right pieces of art on the walls can really tie the room together. Having a light mood with a warm feeling and uplifting colors is a great place to start, and a level of sophistication can help maintain relevance as a child ages. Many childhood favorites continue to beautify a space even for adults, as much great art is timeless.

One artist that has truly stood the test of time is Jean de Brunhoff of the Babar books from the early 1930’s. His elephants are somehow whimsical and profound at the same time. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 Petit Prince illustrations are a sure win, which seem to encourage freedom of imagination and the beauty of dreaming. And there are the many faces of The Adventures of Tintin from Hergé, the popular Belgian comic book published for almost 50 years beginning in 1929 — each one bringing another heart-capturing expedition into the room.
"Many childhood favorites continue to beautify a space even for adults, as much great art is timeless."
Abstract art or imagery of numbers or letters can be a good way to have a relatively neutral or open-minded subject matter while still being decorative with color and emotion.
Jasper Johns’ Numbers In Color keeps you moving and feels like happiness, and Roy Lichtenstein’s piece for the NYC Ballet is an abstract interpretation of dance.
And you can never go wrong with cheery geometric shapes, here used to spell the word “ART” by Robert Indiana of the infamous Love graphic from 1965.
Norman Rockwell has a place in everyone’s hearts, his First Down reminding us all not to take life too seriously, Marco Del Re gives us a soothing yet playful minimalist fishbowl flower vase, and finally, a rare out-of-print limited edition poster from Chinese-American Walasse Ting who made joyful, magnetic paintings amongst numerous international artist groups including in Paris, New York and Amsterdam — this one of his elephants serene, sunny and nature-filled.
Timeless Choices For A Beautiful Space
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