A Curation Of Best Sellers

Nov 29, 2020Artwise Posters
A Curation Of Best Sellers
OCTOBER 3, 2019 

Designers and decorators will be reinvigorated in perusing our stock of collector’s print art, with the never-ending stream of puzzles to solve of stylish wall adornment and sophisticated ambiance conjuring. Whether it be for a grand entranceway in a private home, a hotel bar or dining room perhaps, a storefront display, a changing room, an interior space for a business or a small work studio — and whether you’re a professional interior designer or perhaps a small business owner with an aesthetic and a manifesto to communicate — our hidden gems are ready to help you shine. Many of our best-sellers offer that coveted unique and charismatic appeal, popular as they are— dynamic and eye-catching, and complete with New York loft-style charm.

Francis Bacon – Seated Man, offset lithograph 1984
Mark Rothko – Untitled, offset lithograph

This curation involves some of the hottest contemporary artists of their time respectively, each work infused with the spark responsible for the artist’s rise to fame. Francis Bacon’s Seated Man effortlessly exudes that raw, brooding psychology for which Bacon is so adored, and Untitled from Mark Rothko is perhaps one of his most loved works, full of the grace, depth and humanness which make Rothko’s work so illuminating.

John Baldessari – Margo Leavin Gallery, offset lithograph 1988
Julie Mehretu – Easy Dark, offset lithograph 2007

John Baldessari’s Margo Leavin Gallery is a beautifully sharp black and white photograph decorated with the infamous face dots that say ‘Baldessari’ instantly, and for a similar cool-factor from a very different vantage point, Julie Mehretu’s Easy Dark fills a space in a home and likewise a field in the mind with experimental joy.

Jasper Johns – Three Flags, offset lithograph 2004
Jean-Michel Basquiat – Florence, offset lithograph 2002

For attitudes that launched them into the spotlight, equally compelling works came from Jasper Johns and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Johns’ Three Flags never ceases its incendiary mission, an artist’s take on a strong symbol, and Basquiat’s Florence is but one example of this unparalleled star’s indelible allure.

David Hockney – A Closer Grand Canyon, offset lithograph 2011
Frank Stella – Letter on the Blind II, offset lithograph 2014

David Hockney and Frank Stella bring inarguable epiphanies one after another, with works like A Closer Grand Canyon and Letter on the Blind II hitting the marks for being brilliant and succinct, enlightening and casually stunning.

"... dynamic and eye-catching, and complete with New York loft-style charm."
Jeff Koons – Balloon Dog (Red), offset lithograph 2012
Yayoi Kusama – Self-Obliteration No. 2 (Red Dots), offset lithograph 2015

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog (Red) is an immediate statement, one whose shine never diminishes, and for another bold concept we can look to the dots employed by Yayoi Kusama, here in Self-Obliteration No. 2 (Red Dots) a more painterly image dancing across the eyes.

Kerry James Marshall – Mastry, offset lithograph 2016
Javacheff Christo – Surrounded Islands (1982), offset lithograph 1983

Kerry James Marshall’s Mastry and Javacheff Christo’s Surrounded Islands (1982) are both records of significant culturally redefining moments in contemporary art history, both in terms of social conversation and introspective wanderings. More than just marking the moments when the shift took place, they perhaps are the instigating shift themselves.

Alexander Calder – Spirales, stone lithograph 1974
Eduardo Chillida – Galerie Maeght, stone lithograph 1980

And works like Alexander Calder’s Spirales or Eduardo Chillida’s Galerie Maeght offer blissful visions into conceptual adventures, their abstractness lending a perfect canvas, so to speak, on which to build an inspiring new atmosphere no matter the context.


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