ROBERT INDIANA The Beware-Danger American Dream #4 22" x 17" Serigraph 1997 Pop Art Multicolor, Red, Yellow Protest, Sil

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Robert Indiana- The Beware-Danger American Dream #4: Limited Edition Serigraph published by Marco Fine Arts Contemporary Atelier and released as part of the large portfolio and book entitled "The American Dream". The fourth in the "American Dream" series, Indiana sought to convey a sense of danger with the color scheme, taking a nod from the "Danger" signs that were common at the time on America's highways. Indiana also saw the number 4 as intrinsically dangerous, as on the scale on a man's life numbered 1 to 10, 4 for him symbolized adolescence, the time he personally saw as the most dangerous in a person's life. Utilizing the words he had used to criticize the "American Dream" in his previous works in the series, Indiana also sought to reference the Nazi swastika in both its design and color scheme, so as to enhance the dangerous side of the American Dream even more.

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