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Bundle- 2 Assorted Diego Rivera Posters

This is a bundled assortment of 2 Posters by Diego Rivera. The normal combined retail value for this bundle is $110. Each piece is described as follows:
Diego Rivera - The Flower Vendor - 1997 Offset Lithograph 35.75" x 25"
Unsigned Offset Lithograph
Paper Size: 35.75 x 25 inches (90.805 x 63.5cm )
Condition: A-: Near Mint, very light signs of handling
Diego Rivera - Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Central Alameda Park. - Offset Lithograph 15.75" x 12"
Unsigned Offset Lithograph
Paper Size: 15.75 x 12 inches (40.005 x 30.48cm )
Condition: B: Very Good Condition, with signs of handling or age