Landscape For A Sense Of Space

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Landscape For A Sense Of Space
MAY 18, 2017 

Landscape in art is amongst the earliest subject matters and it continues to be a popular topic through contemporary work — perhaps a reason for this is that it provides a connection to nature and can create a visual sense of space in an otherwise enclosed environment. If you’re looking to bestow a small apartment or structured office with some breathing room, landscape imagery can lend the feeling of distance while still being playful with elements of color, shape, line, mood, etc. You can bring joy and positivity to a space and maintain the clarity that physical distance and perspective can lend. The space will have a sense of calm that contrasts the sometimes chaotic world of images we see every day.

Take a look at Kirchner’s Bergabhang mit gelben Bäumen(Mountainside with Yellow Trees) painting, here an offset lithograph reproduction printed in Germany. Vibrant yellow trees, cheery bright colors and energetic brushstrokes sit comfortably within the expansive space it describes, allowing the horizon line of your wall to recede back into the far distance.
"You can bring joy and positivity to a space and maintain the clarity that physical distance and perspective can lend."
And with Kandinsky’s Improvisation 9 we get a liberating feeling of freedom to meander the moody colors and shifting forms, which are anchored by the horizon and the sky in the background, and surrounded by a soothing measure of white paper border that allows the work to really speak.
Helmut Kand’s Sun and Moon Beauty Contest is a provoking silkscreen on metallic silver paperboard circa the late 60’s that is full of energy with spirited linework, a varied color palette and an almost singing 2D-design rendering style which still manages to draw the viewer in to explore as though it were a physical space. It is one from a portfolio of 5 titled “Vienna Daydreams”, each equally compelling, and numbered and signed by the artist.




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