1. Poetry and Literature

    Poetry and Literature

    A masterful way to communicate the shades of beauty hiding in between a shifting presence, the teamwork active by way of visual art and the written word is positively transportative.

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  2. Innovative Media

    Innovative Media

    Unsurprisingly, the most interesting ideas come from the artist’s forte with thinking outside the box, which often leads to a literal translation of that saying.

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  3. Artist Spotlight – John Dowell

    Artist Spotlight – John Dowell

    Each of his works contains a smattering of marvelous vignettes, presenting new narratives with each revisit, while maintaining an overall motion that carries a persuasive message of transfiguring equilibrium. 

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  4. Catalogue Raisonné – A Collector’s Guide

    Catalogue Raisonné –   A Collector’s Guide

    For a collector, not only do these books offer a wildly diverse tour through a favorite artist’s complete range of expression in a particular medium, but they also offer a critical component of authenticity...

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  5. Art On Dancing

    Art On Dancing

    It is hard to argue with the irrepressible bubbling spirit that courses forth by way of dancing, a fundamental human urge that shows itself in endless evolving forms across the globe. Whether it be solo contemplative movement, duo partner interaction or collective group performance, personal creative investigation or communicative expression, ritual or ceremony or simply for the fun, dancing progresses in resonance with music, a rhythm and melody directly in line with the soul. 

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  6. ArtWise Readers Opinion Poll

    ArtWise Readers Opinion Poll

    Do you have a story to share? Maybe you met Andy Warhol once, or had an encounter with David Hockney. Maybe an original Da Vinci piece has traveled through many hands down your family line and now sits in your tiny apartment, humbly next to your three year old nephew’s splatter paint masterpiece. Do you have great pictures from your walls, or of your personally decorated family rooms, or perhaps of the rolls of posters stashed under your bed? We want to know what your experiences are like, and how you relate to the information we are curating here.

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  7. Monaco Grand Prix Posters

    Monaco Grand Prix Posters

    There is an infamous poster series designed revolving around an even more infamous car race that has been taking place over a span of nearly a hundred years, the Monaco Grand Prix. The artwork made to announce the new event each spring emblazons all of the exoticism, thrill and magnetism of the race itself, somehow steeped in an enigmatic air of mystery and excitement.

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  8. The Way of Animals

    The Way of Animals

    Animals carry all of the subtleties and varied layers of human emotion, underscoring many of our favorite and most beautiful modus operandi.

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  9. Unknown Artists

    Unknown Artists

    In a chaotic landscape of image-sharing and visual art transit, it is inevitable that some artwork gets disconnected from its creator, however the work retains power nonetheless, and is possibly even amplified provided it gets seen in the first place. When stumbling on a striking image with missing traces, there is almost an intimacy created— where perhaps in the absence of the knowledge of the person talking, a barrier falls away and their words, or artistic marks, are more available.

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  10. Music In Art

    Music In Art

    Art and Music have long inhabited an enlightened friendship, with musical scores composed alongside great film, dance, theater, performance art and more, and with visual art accompanying music as costume and face paint, set designs, music videos, expressionist painting or even poster art. 

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