1. Starting an Art Collection – Part I

    Starting an Art Collection – Part I

     Creating a personal curation has roots deep in some of the interests that are purely after the love of art, an identity-reflecting pursuit that aids the arranging of the home, work or play spaces that we most attune with.

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  2. Collecting Posters: An Expert Guide (By MutualArt)

    Collecting Posters: An Expert Guide (By MutualArt)

    We were recently interviewed on the art of poster collecting by MutualArt, a leading international art research platform based out of London. 

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  3. History in Exhibition Posters - III

    History in Exhibition Posters - III

    In a large retrospective of Rauschenberg's works organized by the National Collection of Fine Arts of Washington DC, Rauschenberg changed the poster typography for all of the five locations, following the show around the country. Each one seems a conduit for his usual electricity.

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  4. History in Exhibition Posters II

    History in Exhibition Posters II

    When an artist’s career spans many decades, art movements and locations around the globe, it can be disorienting to follow the wave of changes or evolutions swimming through time. One of the greatest features of the art poster world is the trail of exhibition posters, serving to contextualize a body of work in a geographic place, a time and even sometimes a cultural institution of significant note. 

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  5. History in Exhibition Posters - I

    History in Exhibition Posters - I

    These posters reflect a certain historical archive, part of a story told through curated selection, date, city, typography, color choices and more.

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  6. African-American Artists

    African-American Artists

    February is Black History Month— in the midst of a time when we get a chance to put a spotlight on some of the most charismatic and influential black Americans in our country’s history, taking a look at the visual artists who have helped to shape our collective imagery is a vital way to frame it in a context. These talented and inspired visionaries pave the way with their lush, emotional and powerful work, assembling a visual understanding of a complex, deep and ultimately beautiful experience of life.

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  7. Wine, Socializing & Bacchanalia

    Wine, Socializing & Bacchanalia

    "Bacchus is the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility, and the festivals in his name are a testament to this irresistible human pursuit..."

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  8. Earth Tones for Interior Design

    Earth Tones for Interior Design

    One can only have so many showpieces in an art collection, with bright colors or dramatic themes taking center stage and being the star of a room. When designing a space and organizing a scheme that will carry people through gracefully and comfortably, relying on natural colors and earth tones can work wonders to create a solid foundation— the meat and potatoes, if you will. 

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  9. Artist Spotlight – Andy Warhol

    Artist Spotlight – Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol is amongst the most celebrated American artists of the last century, with some of his works being sold for the highest prices ever in the art market, and with a wealth of imagery that could be described as none other than every day.

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  10. Modern & Contemporary Popular Favorites II

    Modern & Contemporary  Popular Favorites II

    This specific nature of both conceptual clarity and fully engaged emotional expression lends the kind of work that holds strong over time and throughout stylistic changes of what is going on around it. Cultural trends and human tides do not seem to matter when held up against the artwork of the greats.

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