1. Spotlight – Bruce Nauman

    Spotlight – Bruce Nauman

    By the time he went to grad school for art he had already given up painting in favor of other media. After graduating and confronted with "What to do?" in his studio, Nauman’s solution came to him— “If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point art became more of an activity and less of a product.” 

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  2. Boat and Sea Lovers

    Boat and Sea Lovers

    For ocean going folk, whether for work, sport, for travel or leisure, or for that indescribable love of the largest body of water on our planet, the art on the subject of all things oceanic has the same magnetic allure ascribed to the moon’s pull on this great expanse of nature that graces the earth.

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  3. Art of the Vote

    Art of the Vote

    "... calling us to action and to participation in this powerful nation which has such great global influence— whether one has the facility of US voting or simply an observer’s voice."

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  4. Counterculture


    One dynamic that artists seemingly have a never-ending supply of is the kinds of new thinking that allows for looking at the world from an entirely fresh perspective— their fluent creative impulses constantly forging new pathways in societal habits and even in our intellectual understandings. Their ability to break free from an existing infrastructure, whether materially or conceptually, opens a space rich with potential that is then filled with some wholly original idea, expanding outwards into the world and into our collective psyche.

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  5. Artist Spotlight – Robert Rauschenberg

    Artist Spotlight – Robert Rauschenberg

    Enduring Pop Art predecessor Robert Rauschenberg is most well known for his tropical storm of montaged imagery, delving into any and all media that might be explored including paint, ink, glue, construction materials, graphite, charcoal, markers, objects as printing elements, photography, sculpture, assemblage and even concept as a material. For one of the most inventive and original artists of his time, and someone who carved an incendiary new mentality which helped inspire one of the most important art movements in modern history, Rauschenberg’s art school professor— none other than Josef Albers, a founder of the Bauhaus— clearly held a career-defining role. Albers' coursework, to the tone of strict discipline, did not allow for "uninfluenced experimentation," something Rauschenberg described as impelling him to do the exact opposite.

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  6. Architecture Month

    Architecture Month

    Much crossover exists between the worlds of Architecture and Fine Art, sometimes with painters cutting their teeth in design schools or vocations, sculptors working with large scale industrial materials that often blur the lines between building and sculpture, and with architects branching out from a creative impulse that began perhaps with paintbrushes or clay. As is such, one finds an intrinsically graceful, balanced and expressive nature in the best architecture, being invented by creators who are natural artists no matter which way it is seen.

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  7. Unusual Finds

    Unusual Finds

     Inspiring, mind-expanding and oddly identifiable, these types of expressions have the wherewithal to normalize some strange inklings, and even perhaps carve them as cool.

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  8. Artist Spotlight – Eduardo Chillida

    Artist Spotlight – Eduardo Chillida

    For Spanish Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida, working with the term Abstract was merely a misnomer— even though most of his work falls into what we would name Abstract Art, his focus was never outside of the pursuit of representational realism, whether that be suggestion of figurative forms or of movements and space. 

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  9. Timestamped Exhibition Posters

    Timestamped Exhibition Posters

    "...these exemplary posters serve not only as the unique images resulting from the combined forces of artist backed by renowned cultural institution, but also as a bookmark in time..."

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  10. Celebrity Portraiture

    Celebrity Portraiture

    It is hard not to love any image of a beloved celebrity, infused as the pictures are with all the richness of character for which the star is adored— but when a famous person is depicted by a top notch artist, whether through photography, painting or even an illustration for something like a film poster, a new level of inspiration is achieved. Celebrating cultural heroes is really done best through the eyes of a true artist, one who has a unique perspective and distinct talent for highlighting someone’s best nature.

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