1. Modern & Contemporary Popular Favorites II

    Modern & Contemporary  Popular Favorites II

    This specific nature of both conceptual clarity and fully engaged emotional expression lends the kind of work that holds strong over time and throughout stylistic changes of what is going on around it. Cultural trends and human tides do not seem to matter when held up against the artwork of the greats.

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  2. Modern & Contemporary Popular Favorites

    Modern & Contemporary  Popular Favorites

    Although there are many artists who contribute, in small ways or large ones, to a grand sweeping movement in culture and time, a handful of popular ones continue to surface above the others again and again—artists whose work, throughout stylistic shifts or genre changes, maintained a level of beauty, inspiration and talent that has left an indelible mark in the history of art. Their blissful visions seem somehow always fresh even in today’s climate, and always enriching to the environments in which they find a home. There is certainly something timeless about great art that has tapped into the living voice of a keen creator.

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  3. Vintage Travel Posters

    Vintage Travel Posters

    The act of traveling to a foreign place has the unique ability to open the mind and expand the life experience of the traveler in a way that no other activity can quite replicate.

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  4. Winter & New Year's

    Winter & New Year's

    Happy New Year's to all of our readers, we hope you have enjoyed this year's adventure as much as we have— an endless thank you for your readership and patronage, we toast to a New Year of good wishes and optimism to come! If you've had fun growing your art collection along with us, as always we love to hear stories and see pictures, so do send them our way.

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  5. Exhibition Posters

    Exhibition Posters

     These posters reflect a certain historical archive, part of a story told through curated selection, date, city, typography, color choices and more. 

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  6. ArtWise House Recommends

    ArtWise House Recommends

     Art books are a great way to begin a collection on a particular artist, if one is enamored but uncertain where to start— why choose one when you can have a whole oeuvre? Match a holiday environment of warmth and cheery socializing with a gaggle of printed bliss.

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  7. Spotlight – Bruce Nauman

    Spotlight – Bruce Nauman

    By the time he went to grad school for art he had already given up painting in favor of other media. After graduating and confronted with "What to do?" in his studio, Nauman’s solution came to him— “If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point art became more of an activity and less of a product.” 

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  8. Boat and Sea Lovers

    Boat and Sea Lovers

    For ocean going folk, whether for work, sport, for travel or leisure, or for that indescribable love of the largest body of water on our planet, the art on the subject of all things oceanic has the same magnetic allure ascribed to the moon’s pull on this great expanse of nature that graces the earth.

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  9. Art of the Vote

    Art of the Vote

    "... calling us to action and to participation in this powerful nation which has such great global influence— whether one has the facility of US voting or simply an observer’s voice."

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  10. Counterculture


    One dynamic that artists seemingly have a never-ending supply of is the kinds of new thinking that allows for looking at the world from an entirely fresh perspective— their fluent creative impulses constantly forging new pathways in societal habits and even in our intellectual understandings. Their ability to break free from an existing infrastructure, whether materially or conceptually, opens a space rich with potential that is then filled with some wholly original idea, expanding outwards into the world and into our collective psyche.

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