1. Designer Series — Inspired Landscapes

    Outfitting an interior space with images of the great outdoors can be a gateway into a skillfully crafted combination of home comfort and nature’s expansiveness. Looking to landscape art enlightens with their extended distances and that oft craved sense of perspective— an automatic connection to a clear mind. And as these grounding elements are augmented by a particularly unique expression, a distinctive interior can be achieved with some truly inspired landscapes.

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  2. Designer Series — Black & White Photography

    ...the high contrast creating structure and foundation while the artistry and the gradations of light are allowed to shine with layers of complementary mood.

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  3. Artist Spotlight — Lorna Simpson

    For contemporary New York artist Lorna Simpson, the medium is an intrinsic part of the message. Although in her over four decades of pioneering visual creation she has broken ground in method, style, media and even subject— inhabiting a space in the art world that could be considered its own genre— her concepts fall into a neverending category that forges active questioning about the society we live in, and furthermore what the possible answers to those questions reveal about a place for humanness in an overly critical culture.

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  4. Designer Series — Picking Up On Natural Environment

    Beyond all the elaborate ideas that may spring to mind when designing a space, finding a way to work with the elements already in place is an essential key— and yet can also be a source of inspiration. Taking a look at the existing colors, visible vignettes of nature, construction features and personality can all serve to inform the decor choices made moving forward, and working to compliment what is set in stone, so to speak, can have a great impact on the continuity and ultimate sense of harmony achieved.

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  5. Designer Series — Words, Lettering & Poetry

    Designer Series —  Words, Lettering & Poetry

    Interior designers everywhere, when hunting for an extra something that will add a measure of sparkle to a space, seem to be turning again and again to words in many forms. Adding an element of conceptual lyricism and visual dynamism, handwriting and typography offer a glimmer in the creative process, a category of poetry on another plane, even when it is sometimes accomplished only with letterforms.

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  6. Designer Series — Abstracts To Compliment

    Designer Series —  Abstracts To Compliment

    "They have drama, emotion, structure and poetry, and they quite simply harmonize with everything nearby— even the eccentric great aunt."

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  7. Kerry James Marshall’s Vignette (Wishing Well)

     Kerry James Marshall’s  Vignette (Wishing Well)

    In keeping with his truth-wielding and ultimately inspiring message on the themes of the Black presence in America, his artistry, craftsmanship and unflinching sense of style are a shining beacon in our collective oeuvre.

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  8. Designer Series — Superstars for High Impact

    Designer Series —  Superstars for High Impact

    There is a reason these top artists found their way to ultra fame, and their images have had lasting and renewing effect on not only the collective art world imagery as a whole but also on the way in which we view art. Their unfading appeal makes powerful sweeps before even casual observers, ensuring their potential to create high impact in all the spaces they may inhabit.

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  9. A Captivating Miró Etching Set

    A Captivating Miró Etching Set

    All six of the enigmatic works in The Pine Tree of Formentor are signed in pencil by Miró, and as a set they are truly unforgettable. Though difficult to fully appreciate from small pictures, Miró’s usual abstract epiphanies sprawl across luscious deckled paper with speed and grace, playfulness and austerity. 

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  10. Designer Series — Accent Color for Definition

     Designer Series —  Accent Color for Definition

    Designers of all kinds know the value of working with an accent color, as its uniqueness in the landscape of a project serves to feature the best qualities of the work and convey the overall character in a standout way — a highlight singing atop the foundation. As for interior design, using the choice of artwork to both compliment the style and project the voice simultaneously can be a magnetic combination, and a way to really tie the room together.

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