1. Timestamped Exhibition Posters

    Timestamped Exhibition Posters

    "...these exemplary posters serve not only as the unique images resulting from the combined forces of artist backed by renowned cultural institution, but also as a bookmark in time..."

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  2. Celebrity Portraiture

    Celebrity Portraiture

    It is hard not to love any image of a beloved celebrity, infused as the pictures are with all the richness of character for which the star is adored— but when a famous person is depicted by a top notch artist, whether through photography, painting or even an illustration for something like a film poster, a new level of inspiration is achieved. Celebrating cultural heroes is really done best through the eyes of a true artist, one who has a unique perspective and distinct talent for highlighting someone’s best nature.

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  3. Fresh September Aspirations

    Fresh September Aspirations

    After the renewing escape of warm weather and summertime activities, the fall always seems to refocus the mind, tending towards the new projects and fresh ideas being born in the blissful empty spaces left in the wake of summer’s flurry. With novel aspirations comes a need for novel surroundings, perhaps an updated aesthetic in the apartment, the office, the studio or the workshop, and a fresh atmosphere in the home or the place of work, however it unfolds.

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  4. For Tennis Lovers

    For Tennis Lovers

    These designs are not only beautiful and historic works of graphic art— they also hold all of the atmosphere and fervor surrounding the magic of tennis, an inspired display of the sparkle and mystery that draws its fans and competitors in year after year.

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  5. de Brunhoff’s Babar

    de Brunhoff’s Babar

    What quickly catapulted to become one of the most beloved and recognizable children’s book characters in Europe after publication in 1931 began as a bedtime story told by artist Jean de Brunhoff’s wife Cécile to their two sons, four and five years old at the time, a gesture of comfort for the younger Mathieu who was sick. The charming story of the little elephant who left the jungle for a city resembling Paris was so likeable that Jean created illustrations in such an enduring form that they were capable of carrying all of the charisma Cécile had awakened.

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  6. Abstract Expressionism

    Abstract Expressionism

    When pre-inscribed meaning is no longer tethering a creative articulation, the songs that arise can be a remarkable kind of profound.

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  7. Artist Spotlight – Alexander Calder

    Artist Spotlight – Alexander Calder

    Early on his parents voiced that they did not want him to suffer the life of an artist, so he decided to study mechanical engineering, something he seemed to have a natural intuition about from a young age. It is apparent that his artistic genes were not to be forgone however, inescapably infused into all that he expressed— his graceful and inspired compositions are clearly the results of an effortless combination of both his artistic instincts and his affinity with engineering.

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  8. Where Cartoons Meet Fine Art

     Where Cartoons Meet Fine Art

    Many a fine artist has discovered an appreciation and even a love of comics and cartoon art, perhaps because many of our most enduring cartoon characters were created by fine artists themselves— either plumbed from the depths of their own searching or to respond to the opportunities presented by television, film or print publishing. Everybody can recognize the magic that hides amongst the motions and sketch lines in pop culture’s best crew of players, and artists especially know how to find right where that magic lives.

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  9. Poetry and Literature

    Poetry and Literature

    A masterful way to communicate the shades of beauty hiding in between a shifting presence, the teamwork active by way of visual art and the written word is positively transportative.

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  10. Innovative Media

    Innovative Media

    Unsurprisingly, the most interesting ideas come from the artist’s forte with thinking outside the box, which often leads to a literal translation of that saying.

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